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The Ultimate 2024 Java Developer Bootcamp - UNO Program

Master Java skills with our comprehensive Java Developer Boot Camp program tailored for you and get your dream job!


About The Program

  • Comprehensive Training: Covers Java from basic to advanced concepts, along with Git and LinkedIn basics for professional development.
  • Practical Experience: Includes free mock interviews, comprehensive interview preparation, and a 74-day coding challenge to sharpen your skills.
  • Certification: Earn an internship certificate and a coding challenge certificate upon completion, validating your achievements.
  • Career Readiness: Prepares you for immediate job opportunities and equips you with lifelong skills to thrive in your career.

This Course Includes:

Coding Exercises

Our programming solutions are designed to help you practice and enhance your programming skills. Here, you will find a variety of exercises ranging from basic to advanced levels, tailored to reinforce your understanding of Java concepts. Each exercise is accompanied by detailed explanations and solutions to guide you through the learning process.


Course curriculum

Introduction to Java (3 Lectures)

  • Introduction to Programming Language
  • JDK & IDE Installation
  • First Programming & Main Method
  • Quiz-1

Variables & Data Types (4 Lectures)

Operators in Java (2 Lectures)

Functionalities in Java (1 Lecture)

Conditional Statements (10 Lectures)

Control Flow Statement (8 Lectures)

Building Blocks of Java (12 Lectures)

OOPs in Java (7 Lectures)

Project 1

String & Arrays (7 Lectures)

Exception Handling (3 Lectures)

Collection Framework (11 Lectures)

Java-8 Features (2 Lectures)

Lambda (2 Lectures)

JDBC (2 Lectures)

Other Concepts (3 Lectures)

Git & LinkedIn

74 Days Coding Challenge

Resume Building (3 Lectures)

Interview Preparation (11 Lectures)

Earn Two Certificates

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive two certificates: an internship certificate and a 74-day coding challenge certificate. The internship certificate highlights your mastery of both core and advanced Java concepts, while the coding challenge certificate demonstrates your ability to tackle real-world programming problems over an extended period.


These credentials serve as a testament to your commitment to learning and your technical skills. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or kickstart a new one, our certifications will give you the edge you need in the competitive tech industry. Join us and earn credentials that stand out!

Who Is This Program Designed for?

  • Recent Graduates Without Placement: Perfect for students who have already graduated but have not yet secured a job.


  • Final Year Students: Ideal for those in the final year of their undergraduate or postgraduate studies who are preparing to enter the job market.


  • Job Seekers: Suitable for individuals who are actively seeking employment and need a comprehensive Java training program to boost their skills.

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