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Boot Camp-UNO (Java)

Master Java skills with our comprehensive Java Boot Camp program tailored for you and get your dream job!


3 months duration


100% placement assistance up to 1 year

50+ Core java video content

20+ Advanced java video content

40+ programming videos

10+ assignments (30q/module)

5 small to medium projects

74 Days Coding Challenge

Advanced Git & Linkedin Basics

Multiple certificate

Mock Interview

PSR Report

Resume Building

Join java boot camp & take the first step towards a rewarding tech career!

What to expect from this boot camp?

Welcome to our Java Boot Camp at Tutor Mentor, where you’ll embark on an enriching learning journey designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in Java programming. Here’s what you can expect from this immersive program:

Hands-on Experience

Immerse yourself in practical projects and coding exercises to reinforce Java concepts effectively.

24/7 Doubt Solving & Live Mentorship

Get access to round-the-clock mentorship and guidance from experienced Java professionals for any queries.

100% Placement Assistance

Benefit from personalized career guidance and job placement support tailored to your goals.

start tracking your progress!

PSR: Performance score report

Track your progress and monitor your development with our comprehensive Performance Score Report feature. With this tool, you’ll gain valuable insights into your performance throughout the Java Boot Camp course, enabling you to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and track your overall learning trajectory.

Performance score report (demo)

Course curriculum

Boot Camp Program

  • Introduction to Boot Camp

Introduction to Java (3 Lectures)

Variables & Data Types (4 Lectures)

Operators in Java (2 Lectures)

Functionalities in Java (1 Lecture)

Conditional Statements (10 Lectures)

Control Flow Statement (8 Lectures)

Building Blocks of Java (12 Lectures)

OOPs in Java (7 Lectures)

String & Arrays (7 Lectures)

Exception Handling (3 Lectures)

Collection Framework (11 Lectures)

Java-8 Features (2 Lectures)

Lambda (2 Lectures)

JDBC (2 Lectures)

Other Concepts (3 Lectures)

Git & LinkedIn

74 Days Coding Challenge

Resume Building (3 Lectures)

Interview Preparation (11 Lectures)

200+ companies on our bucket list that will help you for placement after Boot Camp

Leading Companies where our alumni are working

From tech giants to innovative startups, our graduates are making waves in the professional world. Join our program and pave your path to a rewarding career alongside these esteemed organizations.

Get the certificates

Earn recognition for your achievements with Tutor Mentor certificates. Showcase your skills, boost your resume, and stand out in your field.

java boot camp

Java Boot Camp

Certificate of Participation for 3 Months of Java Boot Camp

74 Days Coding Challenge

Certificate of Participation for 74 Days of Coding Challenge

Java Boot Camp FAQ

Ask us anything

The duration is 3 months with 74 days of coding challenge.

No prior programming experience is necessary to enroll in our Java Boot Camp Course, but it is recommended that you have basic computer skills and familiarity with algorithms and analytical thinking.

The course duration is 3 months. You will have access to our exclusive online platform 24/7, which includes video lectures, readings, and other learning materials.

Yes, there are hands-on programming solutions as well as 5 to 7 small projects for practical real-life examples.

Yes, Job placement assistance or career guidance can be crucial for learners looking to transition into Java development roles.

Elevate your learning journey with our comprehensive educational resources and expert guidance.

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